The activities of Hands on Famagusta have been made possible with the support of USAID. The creation of the Hands On Famagusta platform was supported by UNDP-ACT through Mahallae. All Hands-on Famagusta Activities are supported in-kind by the University of Cyprus.
The November 2014 Hands on Famagusta Workshop was kindly hosted by the Goethe Institute and May 2015 public presentation event is kindly hosted by the Home for Cooperation.
Hands-on Famagusta Project workshops, public presentations, consultation meetings and social events are supported by local and international bodies, experts, initiatives and Famagustians. The project team carried out numerous events on both sides of the divide with their support. All the information gathered through working sessions and discussions in those events are synthesized by HoF project team to become material that now constitute the HoF web platform. The views expressed here therefore reflects the outcome of HoF approach.
Hands-on Famagusta Project has an amazing team of volunteers and supporters that has contributed in the project in many phases. They mostly include university students and young graduates who gave us an amazing energy on this challenging road. In June 2014, up to 40 young people of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots walked the streets of Famagusta city gathering information for the Physical Survey of the City that resulted in the working maps. Summer Workshop of Uniying Themes provided again a valuable meeting for experts and young participants to experience a unique opportunity of envisioning a unified future.
Summer Workshop Participants: 
Chrysanthe Constantinou, Thalia Charalambous and Andronicos Kalli (AA&U Team)
Ugur Akbil, Ioanna Demetriou, Fatmagul Oge, Antigoni Chrysostomou,
Savia Palate, Cigdem Sari, Sossana Anaxagorou, Filippos Tzortzoglou,
Sotiris Yiosemi, Sevda Sarı, Anastasia Dimitriou, George Tzortzoglou,
Ekin Turgay, Eleftheria Xerou, Abdullah Can, Andreas Panayiotou,
Konstantinos  Katsampas, Berke Dağlı, Athina Leontiou, Jasmin Dinand,
Katerina Panteli, Nasia Pautelidou, Irene Papayianni, Zeki İpçioğlu,
Georgia Papasozomenou, Çağla İzkan, Michaella Paschali, Mustafa Batibeniz,
Anastasia Prodromou, Hasan Musioğlu, Yianna Christodoulou.
Many of the projects presented in the Urban Projects for Famagusta pool are contributions of students from LU2CY, University of Cyprus. A team of students from KTH Stockholm with the leadership of Teres Selberg and Leif Brodersen also joined us in November Workshop producing projects of Famagusta. Their creative approach in creating the 'urban commons' for Famagusta brought in an amazing pool of ideas to guide the users imagine Famagusta. Here they are:

UCY students Urban Design Studio 2012-13 and 2014-15
2012-13   Tutors: Socrates Stratis, Ph. D Architect, Urbanist, Assistant Professor
                  Christos Papastergiou, Ph. D. Candidate, Architect
2014-15   Tutors: Socrates Stratis, Ph. D Architect, Urbanist, Assistant Professor
                  Chrysanthe Constantinou, Architect

I.Nicolaou, Y.Christodoulou, A.Savvides, K.Katsampas
N.Pantelidou, A.Chrysostomou, A.Demetriou , I.Petrou
E.Kyriakou, F.Zarou, E.Orphanidou, S.Christophorou
M.Ioannou,I.Papaeracleous, Z.Loizou, S.Stylianou
A. Mpiros, P. Tilemahou, L.Tziourrou
S.Yiasemi, S.Christodoulou, E. Pratsi, M.Paschali, E.Xerou
E.Kapakidou, L. Scharf, S.Charitou, G,Syranides
T.Alexi, A.Kallis, A.Spyrou, S.Frangogiannopoulos
A.Leontiou, K.Panteli, E.Hadjipetrou, D.Hadjiyiangou
A.Agapiou, N.Andreou, C.Palochi, G.Charalampous

KTH School of Architecture
Autumn 2014 Studio 6
Tutors: Teres Selberg and Leif Brodersen

Lindblad Isabelle, Ekman Flenberg Emma, Alexanderson Frida,
Lindblom Josefin, Linneålr Astrid, Pepels Nadia
Soånderqvist Jacob, Morota Maja, Fagraeus Lundstroånm Ylva,
Jensen Tove, Karleåln Gabriella, Jondelius Olof
Mellberg Karolina, Ryderstedt Jenny, Sundell Karolina
Ehn Fredrik, Flodstroånm Annie, Lee Robin
Adalsteinsdottir Valny, Chrysovergis Stavros, Comoli Alessandro

Thank you all for joining in our efforts!

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